A business visionary, a humanitarian at heart

Miodrag Kostić, the president and founder of MK Group, is widely recognised as one of the most successful Serbian entrepreneurs who expanded his business beyond our country’s borders and enjoys an international reputation. As a visionary and strategist, he has demonstrated the significance of knowledge, hard work and perseverance throughout his development journey, which he gladly shared with students of various disciplines during numerous appearances at universities before stepping back from active operational management of MK Group.

Supporting children and youth has always been the cornerstone of his philanthropic activities. He personally initiates and oversees a large number of projects, including the regional CSR program “Support to the Family”, support for education, healthcare and vulnerable population groups, with a particular focus on the local communities where his companies operate. In the past five years alone, he has allocated over five million euros for socially responsible activities.

The community has recognised his efforts to provide better opportunities for generations to come and a chance to progress. Miodrag Kostić has received numerous awards for his business achievements, but the dearest to him are those that reward his humanity. He is the only person in Serbia to be awarded the Badge of Honor by the international organisation SOS Children’s Village, in gratitude for his long-standing support and contributions. He holds the Golden Red Cross of Serbia award, the prestigious title of “Family Friend” awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and numerous acknowledgments for donating food to vulnerable populations. The VIRTUS Philanthropy Award for contributions on a national level to MK Group in 2020 followed after Miodrag Kostić was among the first to respond to calls from regional governments and provided various forms of assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miodrag Kostić is known for always giving opportunities to people who have the will and knowledge to change today and shape tomorrow with their work and actions. His passion for the development and improvement of society was the motivation behind establishing the foundation bearing his name. This is the second foundation he has established. Previously, in 2013, he handed over his family home in Novi Sad, as the “Kostić Family Foundation”, to the “Institute for Health Care Protection of Children and Youth from Vojvodina” for the purpose of providing more humane treatment in collaboration with the NURDOR association.

Through his socially responsible activities, Miodrag Kostić deserves the title of a modern philanthropist, aiming to leave a lasting legacy for the people of this region, much like the great philanthropists in Serbian history.